One of the first world problems for women of our time,

is the constant battle with our bank accounts when it comes to fashion. We have all once before, suffered sadness from a window walk-buy in the Shopping Centre. Seeing the stylish new season Maticesvki starring us in the face or the dainty pieces at Zimmerman looking like wardrobe must haves but knowing that a girl can only dream as the price tag hits us in the face. This is what we at Lend Her Look want to resolve for you.

We want you to look like the ‘bell of the ball’ at every event. We want you to not have to outfit repeat in last years ‘little black dress’ that you have grown well too attached to. We want you to do all this and not feel guilty about the money you spend. So we decided to allow like-minded women from all over the world, come together to rent and lend fashion items. From dresses to handbags, to full outfits, Lend Her Look is your little secret to looking great at every event.

No longer will you feel embarrassed when uploading a picture to Instagram in the same dress as your previous post. If you see something you like, the process is simple.

  1. Click on the ad…
  2. Contact the owner towards the bottom of the page with your details and dates that you want to wear the item…
  3. Wait for them to confirm!
  4. Or if you want to try the item before you rent it arrange for a scheduled try-on!

Lend Her Look’s most unique feature is the ability to see lenders and outfits that are close to you, so you can easily rent something nearby. This is great for arranging try-on’s or if your zipper breaks on your dress a few hours before your event and you need a new one like… NOW. Convenience is the key but at Lend Her Look, location is the essence. For some handy tips to renting see below.

Best Tips for Renting:

To get the best out of your renting experience we have come up with some quick tips to make sure the process is all too easy. See below for what we think are essential:

  • When leaving a message to a lender make sure to put as much information as possible. See below for the details we think are essential:


– Whether you would like to arrange a scheduled try-on OR whether you would like the item posted via email OR whether you would like to pick up the dress.

– Your location.

– If you need the item ASAP (this will help lenders understand that they need to get their little behinds organized for you).

– Date you want to rent the dress.


  • Make sure to leave a bond with your lender. We advise that every time you rent you make sure to leave a small amount as a security deposit. This will help cover you if something bad were to happen to the item.


  • Talk to your lender about what will happen if the item you are hiring is damaged or stolen. This will make sure you are fully aware of any the consequences that may incur. For more information about lost or stolen items please refer to out Terms & Conditions.


  • Make sure to return the item you are hiring by the due date that you have agreed upon with the lender. Consequences may arise if you have not returned the item by the agreed return date. See our Terms & Conditions for more on this.


  • Jump on Instagram to see new listings on the website! If you have an Instagram page follow us @lendherlook to see great new item listing’s. Then if you want to rent, click the link on the photo to be taken to the Lender’s ad page.


  • Make sure to read the details of the item listing thoroughly. You may be required to dry clean the item if ‘yes’ has been selected by the lender.


  • If you are posting your item back to a Lender we recommend that you go through AusPost Parcel Services. This way you can get a tracking number to send to a Lender that will make the exchange easy.


That’s it for now beautiful ladies. You’re all ready to get renting. Click the ‘Rent Now’ button below to get started!