Have you ever glared at your wardrobe,

staring at the numerous outfits that you won’t ever wear again and thought of the ridiculous amount of money you spent buying each of them? You wouldn’t dare outfit repeat two weekends in a row because that would mean the death of your fashion image, right? That guilty feeling sinking in… but wait, stop feeling guilty because we are here to help.

Lend Her Look is your way to make money on your pre-loved outfits or items. We have created a platform where you can rent your items out to grateful ladies and watch your bank accounts grow in the process. Unlike the limited nature of selling your pre-loved get-ups, lending allows you to continue to make a greater profit the more and more you rent it out. Create your own online store front for as many items as you would like. And that’s not even the best part… the profit is all yours, because for the time being it’s FREE to list your item and lend! The process is so simple, so why not give it a try?

  1. List your item for free by signing up and selecting ‘Ad your listing’
  2. Respond to requests from ladies wanting to lend
  3. Post your itemarrange a pick-up or schedule a try-on with your renter
  4. Get paid

Lend Her Look’s most unique feature is the ability for renters to see lenders and outfits that are close to them, so they can easily rent something nearby. This is great for arranging a scheduled try-on or if their zipper breaks on a dress a few hours before a renter’s event. Convenience is the key but at Lend Her Look, location is the essence. For some handy tips to lending read the blog post ‘Best Tips for Lenders’ in the blog section on our website.

That’s all for now ladies, so sign up and start lending! Your bank account will love you for it.